Cosh Multi-speciality hospital is one of the most reputed and well set up multi-speciality hospitals in Chennai with facilities supporting a basic consultation and health check up to the most acute and serious treatments and surgeries

Our hospital has a 24/7 Emergency ambulance service which is available for the patients as and when they need them. Our ambulances are well equipped for providing first-aid to patients in critical conditions. Our hospital ambulance service is quick to reach the destination and is at your disposal to bring in patients to the hospital on time during any emergency situations.

The Intensive care Unit (ICU) at our hospital provides high quality medical care and attention to patients with critical illness. The ICUs are well staffed 24 hours a day and will have qualified physicians available for patients’ needs. In the ICU, our consultants will closely monitor the patients’ condition and there is continuous communication among the specialists for early recovery.

All the clinics in our hospital have highly trained specialist consultants dealing with various medical conditions. Our clinics provide high quality medical attention to all its patients.